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Monks of Symbiosis is a psychedelic world beat folk exploration based out of Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. Formed during the pandemic, Monks is a new project created by Charles Gaby and Daniel Katsük, including Troy Williams, Christin Duke, Sterling Bond and Alexis Nichole.  It was during this time when everything shut down, where a group of eclectic musicians found themselves all living under one roof in the country, writing songs around a fire, surviving Snowpacalypse, cooking meals together, live-streaming, gardening and recording their first album due out Spring 2023.  All members come from a dynamic range of genres and influences and have toured the country multiple times.  If Dire Straits and Pink Floyd had a baby and it was raised by Leonard Cohen in the desert Southwest, it would be Monks of Symbiosis.

Latest Track

First Single off our upcoming inaugural album due out early spring 2022

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