Monks of Symbiosis

Psychedelic Folk Rock

Monks of Symbiosis is a psychedelic world beat folk exploration based out of Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. Formed during the pandemic, Monks is a new project created by Charles Gaby and Daniel Katsük, including Troy Williams, Christin Duke, Sterling Bond and Alexis Nichole.  It was during this time when everything shut down, where a group of eclectic musicians found themselves all living under one roof in the country, writing songs around a fire, surviving Snowpacalypse, cooking meals together, live-streaming, gardening and recording their first album due out Spring 2023.  All members come from a dynamic range of genres and influences and have toured the country multiple times.  If Dire Straits and Pink Floyd had a baby and it was raised by Leonard Cohen in the desert Southwest, it would be Monks of Symbiosis.

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